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Welcome to Wildcat Haven...

The project to save the pure Scottish wildcat in the West Highlands; full website coming spring 2014

Wildcat Haven is a comprehensive field conservation project in the West Highlands of Scotland. Utilising widespread live trapping of Scottish wildcats, feral cats and hybrids the entire feline population of the region can be closely monitored. Feral cats and hybrids are neutered to remove the risk of hybridisation to wildcats, and all felines are health checked and a blood sample taken to analyse for genetic identification and presence of feline diseases.

Over time this process gradually removes the feral cat and hybrids humanely from the environment, removes feline diseases from the environment, and ensures that only genetically true Scottish wildcats are left on the land.

Various cats of each kind are also radio collared so that we can monitor their movements and understand better which habitats they utilise and how they interact with each other.

Our team work closely with local communities, businesses, landowners and other stakeholders to ensure a long term future for the wildcat across hundreds of square miles of remote Highlands landscape.

Wildcat Haven has already begun...

2008-2009: Action planning and research
2010-2012: Field trials and licensing
2013-2014: Live trapping, surveys and monitoring

Last update 12/4/2014, full website coming soon...

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